Health & Safety

Safety is a value that is fundamental to every operation. J. Davis Construction Ltd are fully committed to a process of demonstratable, continuous improvment in the pursuit of health and safety excellence. Robust systems and controls enable us to proactively manage our health and safety activity with the aim of achieving zero accidents.

Safety mission

J. Davis Construction Ltd are committed to providing a service of the highest quality workmanship and take into consideration the needs, requirements and expectations of its Clients, Employees, Suppliers, Networks.

J. Davis Construction Ltd endeavour to :

  1. Operate a quality management system to integrate the organisation, procedures, processes and resources. This involves a monthly meeting with all Directors and senior staff with the opportunity to review / discuss / measure the success of the quality measurement systems.

  2. Set regular quality objectives and plans in order to implement this quality policy. Ensure that all departmental personnel are familiar with this quality policy to secure user satisfaction. Maintain clear lines of communication to assist information flow.

  3. Provide continuous quality improvement for processes and services through quality assurance systems.

  4. Commit to the health, safety and welfare of all its staff. Clients in contact with the Office will be treated with respect and due consideration will be given to their requirements / needs.

It is the policy of J. Davis Construction Ltd that :


  1. Staff will ensure that mechanisms are in place to ensure Client confidentiality at all times.

  2. Staff will uphold their professional values, and be committed to good professional practice and conduct.

  3. Everyone in the organisation has a responsibility for the achievement of quality.

  4. Ensure the proper procurement and maintenance of equipment and machinery and other resources, as needed for the provision of the service of quality.

  5. Train staff to employ measures, take corrective action and to actively benefit from a quality culture.



J. Davis Construction Ltd are committed to conducting our operations in an environmentally responsible manner. This enables us to achieve and demonstrate our environmental performance by minimising the negative impact of our operations, whilst maximising the potential for environmental improvement. We seek to work collaboratively with our customers, partners and supply chain to achieve environmentally sustainable solutions.

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